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Halloween History Mystery

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays in America, for both kids and grownups. How did it get here and what is the significance of the things we associate with the holiday?
Halloween is actually a fairly modern take on an ancient celebration and ritual in the pagan/Celtic world that was called Samhain, pronounced Sah-win.  Samhain was celebrated halfway between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, generally October 30 to November 1st (dates were added after calendars came along). It was a time when the veils between the worlds were thinnest and the dead could cross over; it was a time for celebrating a successful harvest and making sacrifices to get through the winter and propitiate the gods for the next year. This was a dark and superstitious world where ritual and offerings to gods and goddesses were important to survival.

During these days giant bonfires were lit, in accordance with specific rituals.  Feasts were laid out and the souls of dead family members were invited to tak…