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Vintage Inspiration in the Garden

It’s that time of year! Buds are popping tulips and daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing and the gardens are waiting for us to get out there and grow things!

 For me, half the fun besides the growing part is the decorating part. I regard my garden spaces as outdoor rooms and I love finding fun objects to tuck into the plants and to dress up my living spaces.
I’m lucky to have a husband who builds whatever I can dream up, although he is not allowed near any plants. He’s a builder not a gardener as we have discovered. Thanks to care and work we have a mature yard that has taken several years of work on hardscaping and landscaping and planting and pulling and pruning. 

Wait a minute, that planting and pruning and weed pulling never quite goes away. My advice to those just starting on their garden odyssey? Don’t stint on the underpinnings of your garden. Take the time to put in walls, and beds and paths and ponds first. 

Your garden won’t look like much for a couple of seasons but th…