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From Christmas to Krampus

Here it is almost the holidays again. If Halloween is in the rear view mirror, Christmas is coming head on at 90 miles an hour. In deciding what to write for the holiday and then some, blog, I  looked up Holidays that fall in November, December and stretching into January.

 Who knew there were so many celebrations from so many spiritual belief backgrounds in the winter season? No wonder we say Happy Holidays, Christmas just covers one of them!

I found: November 7th, Diwali, the Festival of Lights, a Hindu holiday;  November 21st, is the Prophet's birthday, a Muslim holiday; Hanukkah, December 3rd to the 10th, a Jewish holiday; December 21st, the winter Solstice; Christmas, December 25th, a Christian holiday; December 26th, to January 1st,  Kwanzaa, an African American holiday. My personal favorite will always be Saint Nicholas Day, December 6th.

It has deep joyful roots in my life going back to my childhood as a California kid, age 8, transported to a life in Germany, in cold  No…