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The Shoe God Has Spoken

If you love shoes, especially vintage shoes, you need to read this amazing interview with Jonathan Walford. The link to his interview with Collectors Weekly is shown below. All hail Collectors Weekly for their phenomenal work in the arcane worlds of collecting Good Stuff!

I am a shoe hound and I am always on the hunt for the next thrilling shoe. A large part of my hunting is bringing home what I have found in my travels and doing research. I always want to know the story of what I am holding in my hand--or on my foot.

It amazes me how little really good information is out there on shoe styles. Are there names for heels besides the ubitquous "kitten heel" and "Stilettos" and "Platforms"?What about the shoes that don't have high heels but just a tiny little heel? I know there are Cuban heels and stacked heels and today I discovered there are Spanish heel…