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Why Vintage?

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile but my endless trips down the vintage rabbit hole in search of treasure have slowed me down. That and the fact that when I find something wonderful I can't just accept its wonderfulness. No, I have to take the time to research it and find out what it is and why it is, which means the treasures occaisonally get a bit backlogged before I get them turned around and headed back into the world for a fabulous new life.

On top of that I am a studio artist working with repurposed materials so the old schedule is pretty full. That being said, I am passionate about vintage. It has so many levels and tiers of wonderfulness. Here are a few:

1. Clothes used to be constructed to be worn by human beings not hangers.
If you look at the construction of vintage clothes--pre-china and pre-outsourcing to other countries, you will find that they were made to be worn by people instead of coat hangers. Try them on and feel the difference as well as see it…