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Fowl Deeds, Collectible Glass Covered Chicken Dishes and Their History

At Finders Keepers Antique Mall today, I took a stroll to count the chickens. These ones won’t hatch anytime soon, I’m talking collectible glass chickens of every shape and size. Suddenly, there seem to be cool chickens in every corner. That made me curious enough to do some research.
Collectors are strange beasts, we not only love what we collect we want to know about it. I started researching glass chickens, aka hens on nests and the facts behind these pretty things are amazing.
They are very collectible and the prices for even lovely examples are still low enough to let beginners find great examples in every size and color.
No one is sure where the great chicken craze started, Europe or America, but the precursors to our glass chickens were ceramic and porcelain pieces from Germany, France, England and elsewhere overseas. American’s introduced affordable pressed glass during the Victorian era running the porcelain pieces out of town cost wise.
Chickens on nests really took off with “T…