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In the Land of Luggage

Luggage as we know it today, has only been around since the end of the 19th century, right about 1890. Before that if you went on a long trip it was a major undertaking, requiring a heavy metal bound trunk which was wood and waterproofed and required a couple of people to move it, which meant you were probably wealthy and planning on more than an overnight jaunt.

Those who were not rich and had to travel more than a few miles, most likely went in a horse drawn stage coach (called a stage coach because the trip was accomplished in stages and horses had to be swapped for fresh ones, restrooms had to be used, food had to be procured and lodging for the night had to be arranged). Stage coach passengers had wooden boxes, baskets or soft sided bags made of rug material called guess what? Carpet bags. 
Stage coaches vanished with the advent of trains, and trains were followed by cars and buses. They were much faster than a coach and an efficient way to travel.This meant people who were not wea…