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Cookie Cutter Collecting and Cookies Too

Getting ready for my annual cookie baking frenzy I got my basket of cookie cutters out and added this year’s little Scottie dog to the group. I love old cookie cutters and I’m always looking for them when I thrift shop. 

Cookie cutters are still a collectible that most of us can afford to indulge in and I just discovered there are actually cookie cutter collector clubs, who knew?  Yes, there are a few that have sold for thousands of dollars, but those are really, really old and incredibly rare and I seriously doubt that I will be running across one in my local Goodwill.

That being said, what is the history behind these common and fun household items? Who thought of making a piece of tin into something you could mass produce cookies with? Can you imagine hand cutting all your cookies? Nope.  I started down the research rabbit hole because that is inevitably where my curiosity leads me.

I discovered the first ‘cookie shapers’ were ceramic molds you could press sweet dough into and then try…