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A Century of Wheeled Toys Aimed at Boys

As the mom of four boys who were all obsessed with both cars and Legos, I wondered about toys with wheels? Research shows that wheeled toys have been around as long as the wheel has. Kid’s toys mimic the world around them, so if the family had wheels so did the kids.  Wheeled toys and pull toys have captured imaginations for a very, very long time. Still in marvelous existence, historians and archaeologists have found a cat pull toy from an ancient Egyptian household in Thebes, sans wheels nowadays;  a miniature Trojan style horse from Greece and on the other side of the world, a Mexican Remojada deer pull toy from Vera Cruz.

But before the 1850s toys with wheels were mostly carved wood. The industrial age changed all that and with factories came new processes and ways of working with metal. The age of the car began, and of course the toys followed in short order and were immensely popular with the short set.

In America, the first wheeled vehicles were made of cast iron, stage coache…